You will Become a Normal Person

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My teacher reminds us time and again to have a reasonable expectation of the Taiji we have practiced. There have been too many practitioners who have oversold the benefits of practicing Taiji. My teacher would only promised us that at the end of the day, we would just become normal people.

And why is that so?

The practice of Taiji could allow our bodies to “rebalance” themselves. The ultimate objective of Taiji is to have balance in our lives. Years of bad habits have driven our bodies to a state of unbalance. Thus if our bodies were to regain their balance after long period of Taiji practice, we merely regain a “normal body”.

There are too many misconceptions about the benefits of Taiji practice. It is only when we cast aside such unreasonable expectations of the art that we can see clearly how Taiji can bring about a change in our lives.

We merely become the normal people that we once were.

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