Winning the Push Hands but Losing the Taiji

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Every now and then, when I push hands with my fellow student, I find myself fighting hard to resist the temptation to use brute strength to throw my opponent off. There were quite a few times I gave in to this temptation, and although I “won” that bout of pushing hands, but when the euphoria of winning subsided, I felt like I have actually lost the match.

I have lost the opportunity to reinforce the Taiji principles I have learnt so far when I started using brute strength. Taiji is not about simply pushing the opponent off. It is also about being mindful and aware of the mental state, as well as being able to remain calm and maintaining balance under any circumstances.

More importantly, Taiji is not about winning. Thus pushing hands, whose principles are built on Taiji, must be more than just winning. If all we care about is winning in push hands, even if it means using brute force, then it is a case of winning the push hands but losing the Taiji.

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