Win-win Situation

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Imagine we are now pushing hands with an opponent. Do we seek to win by pushing our opponents off their balance?

If that is the definition of winning, then between my opponent and I, one of us has to lose.

To lose means a bruise to our ego. Bearing in mind how painful it is when our ego is hurt, we want to avoid losing.

Hence tension rises, and muscle stiffens.

A pushing hands practice becomes a pushing match. In the end, both opponents lost.

Thus having the right mindset before going into a pushing hands practice is very important. If we find that we cannot accept losing with grace, then perhaps we could look at re-defining the meaning of winning.

Winning is no longer simply pushing the opponent off.

Winning could now mean being able to put into practice the Taiji principles even though we are thrown off balance by our opponent.

It could mean being mindful of our weaknesses, and continuously working on overcoming them.

Now we have a whole new approach to a pushing hands practice. We can no longer be distracted by the fear of losing.

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