Unconscious, Conscious, Subconscious

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There are many activities taking place in our bodies that we are unconscious about. When things are happening in our unconscious state, we are ignorant of them, and hence we are powerless to affect these events.

To be able to make changes to these unconscious activities, we first need to bring them up to our conscious state. Thus if we are mindful of these activities we can begin to affect them. Just like the age old saying, what you are aware of, you can affect.

Once we have “fine-tuned” the activities that we were once ignorant of, we may then commit them to our subconscious state. At the subconscious state, we can still be mindful of these activities, though they are best performed subconsciously.

To illustrate this theory, say, we could be feeling tense when we are pushing hands. We are first clueless as to what we are doing wrong in our push hands routines. We then begin to be mindful of the tension, and thereafter through conscious practice, we learn to unlearn the bad habits which created the tension in the first place. Now that we can begin to perform the push hands in a more relax fashion, we commit the newly learnt good habits to our subconscious through practice. Thereafter we can still be mindful of these good habits when needed to, but most of the time we do not need to pay extra attention to them.

Thus it is very important that we are mindful of ourselves during every practice. While we can groom good habits when we practice, we can also be reinforcing bad habits if we are not mindful of them.

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