To Be Better Than Our Teachers

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I was watching a documentary on martial arts, and there was this teacher who mentioned that he expects his students to strive to be better in the arts than he is.

Or else, we would never be able to bring the martial arts to the next level.

Many practitioners, especially those who are influenced by Asian philosophies, tend to think that having such an ambition is unbecoming of a student. We are fearful of overtaking our teachers, as that would mean being out of line.

Sadly, many teachers think the same way, and once they feel their students are catching up with them, they would hold back on transferring of the knowledge to these students.

The teacher featured in the documentary thinks otherwise. He believes that as a teacher, he has to invest in his students, so that some of them would have the chance to excel and overtake him. This is the only way to make sure the martial art would remain relevant to the practitioners, and not falter through time.

I think he is a wise man.

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