Theory and Hard Work

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When I was young, I was taught this nursery rhyme, which I now think is simply brilliant.


“We have two gifts, our hands and our mind.
The hands can work, and the mind can think.
If we use only our hands, we cannot get things done properly
If we use only our mind, we cannot even execute our plans.
To do things well, we have to use both our hands and our mind.”

Very often we were caught in the trap of having too much knowledge and not enough practice time. The result of which is most often a lot of frustration, like a prisoner who has the idea to make loads of money, but is locked in the cell. So much for having the next-big-idea, but not able to execute the plan.

Some of us would put in a lot of hard work in practicing without understanding what we are practicing for. The end result of this blind practice is not being able to apply what we have learnt.

Thus it is important for us to balance both the internal and external trainings in order to progress along the Taiji journey.

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