The Wisdom Has To Be Your Own

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Many a times we find ourselves agreeing with the Taiji literatures of the early masters. While it is good to spend time studying the Taiji wisdoms of the past masters, it is more important to realize that whatever we are reading is the masters’ experiences. They will not become our own wisdom until we have experienced them ourselves.

Taking as an example, after I have read the travel guide on Japan, I would most likely agree that Japan is a wonderful country to visit. However I would still be missing a key piece of the puzzle if I have not visited Japan myself to experience how wonderful the country is.

We often hear other Taiji practitioners voicing their opinions on some Taiji principles, sometimes even debating fiercely when they cannot agree with one another. One good way of resolving such quibbles is to ask each party to demonstrate in their Taiji what they are preaching. If it is all talk and no substance, then we are better off spending more time in our practice to develop our experiential wisdom than to continue such intellectual debates.

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