The Wandering Mind

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Our mind has a habit of wandering. Even though we think we can multi-task, what actually happened is that the mind merely moves from one activity to another, creating an illusion that we are doing many things at the same time. We fail to realize that at any one given moment, our mind can only focus on one activity only.

An untrained mind moves like a butterfly, fluttering from one point to another. A trained mind stings like a bee, focus on one point only.

When we practice our Taiji routine, it is important we also train our mind to focus on one point, and that point is the here and now. We would soon realize our mind simply thrives on the past and future, and rarely settles down on the present. It would soon drift to an event that happened some time ago, and the next moment it starts thinking about the things we have to do after we have finished our Taiji practice. It would take a trained mind to focus on only the one thing that is most important to us now, which is the present. Are we practicing correctly, what is the sensation on the arm, is our posture correct, are we maintaining the balance……

When we are able to rein in the mind from the past and future, and force it to face the reality, which is the here and now, we would have created a positive condition to make a big breakthrough along the Taiji journey.

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