The Real Motivation

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I have a good friend who crashed out of a relationship recently. She was understandably upset for a period of time. However when she finally stepped out of her unhappy self, she made a wonderful self-discovery. She realized that she was more in love with the concept of love itself, rather than loving her boyfriend. She wanted to feel loved, more than to love.

I felt happy for her after the whole episode, because she has made an important discovery about herself. As soon as she realized this, she snapped out of her misery. Suddenly her whole physiology changed, and together with the change in her outlook towards life, she became a different person.

Can you remember what the compelling reason was when you took the first step on the Taiji journey? Did you pick up Taiji because you wanted to improve your ailing health? Were you fascinated by how effortless the practitioner displaced his opponent during push-hands sessions? Or did you want to know more about Taiji simply because you want to know more?

I think we all have our own reasons when we first decided to learn Taiji. If you can hardly remember the reason, I think it will be interesting to take some time to recall this motivation, and to decide if it is still relevant. You will be surprised how powerful your “why” is when it comes to understanding your motivation.

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