The Problem Lies with You

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Very often I hear other people praising my teacher on how well he does his push hands. His opponents tend to lose their balance and be dislodged just when they touch his hands. My teacher would just smile and tell them that it is a matter of time when they can do the same.

When I asked my teacher how he is able to do what he is doing, his answer was shocking.

“The problem lies with you. I can see where your shortcomings are, and I exploit them.”


The painful truth.

And the earlier we realize this, the more empowered we would be.

The reason why our opponent can dislodge us during pushing hands is not merely because our opponent is better than us. More importantly, there are imperfections in our pushing hands which allow our opponent to have a more than even chance to throw us off our balance.

Thus, instead of thinking that our opponent is better than us, we could have asked ourselves where our shortcomings are, and how to overcome them. This way the power to change is in our hands.

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