The Principles And The Methods

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Quite very often, when I walked past a group of Taiji practitioners during their Taiji class, I would overhear their Taiji teacher telling his students to relax. Predictably, the next question I hear from the Taiji students was “How to relax?”

We all know one of the key principles of Taiji is to relax, or “松”. We all know how important it is to relax. However more often than not we do not know the training methods that will allow us to achieve the ability to relax.

In fact, it would not be unfair to assume that many of those who are teaching Taiji do not know these methods as well. The reason why I am making such an accusation is because the principle of “松” is absent from these teachers’ Taiji, too

Of course, simply knowing the methods is not sufficient as well. A lot of time must be put into practicing the methods before we can begin to understand these Taiji principles.

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