The Power of Ten

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Many of my friends have the good habit of setting their New Year resolutions at the turn of each year. While some of them would achieve most of their goals at the end of the subsequent twelve months, most of my friends would not be able to achieve what they have set out achieving at the beginning of the year.

Which brings me to the question; are we making the common mistake of overestimating what we can achieve in a year? We would love to be able to skip over the many hours we would normally need to put in, and go straight to the final results that we want. Suddenly we would want to be able to retire within the next twelve months, or to be able to speak Italian fluently and flawlessly in fifty-two weeks’ time.

The other side of this observation is that we tend to underestimate what we can accomplish in a time-span of ten years. Imagine if you can, that we learn a new word every day. In ten years, we would have learnt at least three thousand six hundred and fifty-two words. If we were to save ten dollars a day, then we would have a tidy amount of around thirty-six thousand five hundred and twenty dollars at the end of the decade.

The point I am putting across is this; we often want to become a Taiji master in the shortest possible time, without having the commitment of putting in daily practice for the next ten years. If we are able to manage the expectation properly, then we tend to be able to keep faith in what we set out to do.

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