The Mistakes are Part of Understanding

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The Taiji forefathers have always been kind to leave us their wisdoms. Many have cautioned us against some common mistakes we tend to make as we journey along the Taiji path.

To some of us, we need to make these common mistakes in order to learn from them. I recall when I first started learning pushing hands, I would dread to lose to my practice partner. As a result, I would just focus on pushing my practice partner, rather than focus on my own balance and sensation. My teacher would recite the Taiji literatures on the common mistakes, but somehow while intellectually I know I should not be doing what I was doing, emotionally and physically I was not able to comply.

It was not until I began to get “toyed” by my seniors that I began to learn from my mistakes. No matter how hard I pushed my seniors, they were able to “lead me on”, redirecting my attacks to render them totally useless, and sending me flying at the same time. Thankfully, my seniors explained to me where my mistakes were, and gave me some tips to overcome these mistakes.

It is alright to make mistakes. Making mistakes is part of our progress when we learn from our mistakes.

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