The Limitation of Scientific Method

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It is always very tempting to attempt to be very specific in our approach to learning Taiji, or any other oriental arts. However I believe it will be a daunting task. Not impossible, but daunting.

The oriental approach is one of experiential, while the modern approach is predominantly one of scientific method. While the scientific method is very useful in transferring knowledge, it could not readily transfer wisdom. And while the oriental approach could not transfer wisdom as well, it reminds us from time to time of its limitation. A very popular reminder is from Laozi, who started Daodejing with “ 道可道,非常道。”, loosely translated into “if the truth can be put into words, it is not the truth”.

So does that mean all the early Taiji literatures are useless to us? I think the authors of these literatures put in a lot of effort to pass on their experiences and wisdoms to the later generations. However these are their experiences and wisdoms, not ours. We could attain our own wisdoms by putting their knowledge into our practice.

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