The Art of Persuasion

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I was reading a book on Persuasion, in which the author explained how we influence our audience to move from point A to point B through persuasion. It is the art of getting people to do something they would not ordinarily do if we did not influence. More importantly, when our objective is met, the audience does not hold ill feeling towards us.

This made me think about the similarity to pushing hands. In push hands, our objective is to “convince” our opponent to move into a position where he loses his balance. Without our influence, our opponent would normally be able to maintain his balance. We have to “persuade” our opponent to move from a position of balance, to one of unbalance. Because the whole process is about gentle “cajoling”, at the end of the push hands session, there is no ill feeling of “coercion” (by brute force), and we can all go home happy!

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