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I have learnt a lot from the various Taiji teachers I have met. Some of them taught me the technical aspect of the Taiji practice, and some of them taught me the spiritual aspect of the art. A few of them set an example of how I would like to approach Taiji, and a handful of the teachers reminded me of what I would become if I spent too much time debating with others instead of focusing my time on the actual practice.

One of the teachers I have met is gifted. While he does not practice Qigong himself, he is not only gifted with an abundance of qi, he is also able to manipulate the flow of the qi. Unfortunately he is not able to share with the other practitioners how to train to attain his level of qigong skills, and he has yet to meet a student who has the same gift as he has.

Another teacher I have met is talented but not gifted. His talent is his keen understanding of the Taiji principles. On top of that, he has been consistently practicing Taiji for the past twenty years. Each time he makes a breakthrough, he would share with us his experience and I believe that has shortened our learning curves tremendously.

There is one teacher who would ask his students to practice the basics for three years before teaching them anything at all. That was how his teacher taught him, and that is how he would transmit the teachings to his own students.

I have also met one teacher who would overrule his own teachings every few years. Each time he has a new understanding of the Taiji principles, he would emphasis on his new discovery in his lessons, and dismiss his earlier teachings as “wrong”. Imagine how confuse his students would be!

Finally there are many teachers I know who can easily win a debate on Taiji principles, but when they are asked to demonstrate what they have earlier claimed to be the “true” Taiji, they come up short. They are a constant reminder of what I do not want to become.

All the teachers I have mentioned teach me in one way or another. There are always lessons to be learned from them. They are all my teachers.

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