Taiji Routines and Taiji Push Hands

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Ever wonder which is more important, Taiji routine or Taiji push hands?

I have asked my teacher this question, and he told me both are equally important.

When we are doing the Taiji routines, we are actually learning about ourselves. We would realize how our body works, how the energy transfers from the feet to the leg, then to the waist, and finally from the arms to the fingers. We would find out how fickle our mind is, how the mind moves from the past events to the future, and bypassing the present.

When we are pushing hands with our opponent, we are learning about others. Because we have already known much about ourselves from all the hours we put into our Taiji routine practices, we can understand why our opponent reacts in a certain manner. We share the same anatomy after all. This is the time we put our understanding to the test.

Thus the two trainings go hand-in-hand. However if I really have to state which is more meaningful to me, I would pick Taiji routine over pushing hands, mainly because I believe the former is where foundation is built upon.

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