Taiji Routines and Pushing Hands

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If we were to dissect every move of the Taiji routines, we would realize that each move is a counter-measure to the opponent’s attack. Every move involves the practitioner diverting the opponent’s attack, before counter-striking the opponent.

While we all practice the taiji routine diligently, when it comes to pushing hands, we seem to forget about what we have practiced completely. We would attack our opponents first, instead of waiting patiently and counter attacking.

To divert an attack is not to block the attack. Instead, it is to redirect the opponent’s attack, and in the process disrupting the opponent’s balance. We would only attack the opponent after he has lost his balance. This would allow us to use minimal force and yet have a great effect on the opponent.

My teacher always reminded us that “when you are pushing hands, don’t be the first one to push”.

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