“Sung” and Balance

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A fellow senior recently shared with me his insight to the concept of “sung” (or “song”). He believed true “sung” is a balance between tension and relaxation. When the physical body is at equilibrium between tense and relax, this is when we experience true “sung”. And this also applies to mental “sung”.

When we are overly tensed, we definitely are not in a “sung” state; when we are overly relaxed, we are actually in a “soft” state. Either state is not the ideal Taiji state. Do note the difference between being “soft” and being “supple”.

An early Taiji literature wrote that Taiji is about “not over, not under” (“wu guo bu ji”). Thus it is about balance, and through achieving balance we start to understand the principles of Taiji.

Unfortunately there is a common trap that many Taiji practitioners fall into. They are under the impression that they are relaxed when they practice the Taiji routines, when in fact they have been overly relaxed to the state of being “soft”. While these practitioners would still get some benefits out of the practice, most of them would lose out the opportunity of a true Taiji experience.

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