Stupid Genius and Clever Idiot

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I was sharing with a fellow Taiji practitioner on some of the training methods for foundation building. He was very excited about learning the methods, and he promised me that he would be putting in his best efforts to “perfect” these basic exercises.

I was encouraged by his enthusiastic response, but I had to caution him against taking a narrow approach towards his practice. And to make it easier for him to understand my point, I shared with him some wisdom which I could not remember where I had heard from.

Someone once told me that he would rather be a slightly stupid genius, than to be a very clever idiot. To be a genius, no matter how stupid I am, would be more desirable than to be an idiot, no matter how smart this idiot is.

Similarly, if we overly focus on the really basic exercises, and miss out on the opportunities to open up our exposure to the more advance techniques, we could end up being able to draw a perfectly straight line, but unable to draw a masterpiece.

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