Simple but not Easy

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As with most Truths and Wisdoms, the principles of Taiji are simple and elegant. That, however, does not mean they are easy to apply in our Taiji routines.

I can almost hear my teacher telling me time and again, “Relax, relax and relax”.

Like what Cesar Milan (of Dog Whisperer’s fame) always says, “The dog’s way of life is simple; it is the humans that make it complicated.”

I find myself enjoying my Taiji practices more when I keep it simple. I only focus on one aspect of the Taiji principles with each practice. This way, I can focus better and at the end of each practice, I feel contented that I have given myself enough time to work on this one particular aspect of the Taiji principle.

The drawbacks to this approach are greed and impatience. I have to constantly remind myself not to get ahead of myself and to refrain from focusing on too many other aspects during the practice. This is a constant struggle with my untrained and ill-discipline mind.

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