Pushing Hands Pushing Egos

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Have you had such an experience?

There are opponents whom you respect after pushing hands with them, and the reason you respect them is not because they are highly skilled. You just simply feel that their personalities demonstrate the principles of Taiji.

And then, there are opponents that simply spoil your day after pushing hands with them. You somehow sense something unpleasant about your opponent. Regardless whether you have won or lost the pushing hands session, you just do not enjoy the whole process.

Why is there such a difference in both experiences, and what is the major cause for this difference?

If I could only list one major cause, I would think it is our egos at play.

When all we can think of during a pushing hands session is to win, then we not only make the session miserable for ourselves, we also affect our opponents as well. We most likely would lose our composure and mental balance when we focus too much on winning. A sad outcome of that pushing hands session, regardless of whether we win or lose, is that we are moving further and further away from the principles of Taiji.

It is only when we let go of our egos that we can truly enjoy the pushing hands session. Regardless of whether we win or lose in that session, our opponents and us emerge winners.

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