Practice Does Not Make Perfect

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We always hear this piece of wisdom “Practice makes perfect”. While generally this wisdom is true, there are is an unspoken assumption which is, well, unspoken.

During a motivational course that I have attended, the coach kept reminding us, “Practice does not make perfect. Only good practice makes perfect.”

In our daily Taiji practice, if we were to practice a movement wrongly, we are simply reinforcing a mistake over and over again. We are practicing our mistakes. Through time, these mistakes become our bad habits, and we all know bad habits die hard.

So it is important that we are mindful of what we are practicing. If our Taiji practice is consistent with the requirements of the Taiji principles, then we are perfecting our Taiji skills. If we allow mistakes to exist, then we are reinforcing these bad habits.

So the wisdom in full is “Good practice makes perfect, bad practice makes bad habit.”

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