Opposite actions

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I have a friend who is a yoga practitioner. She shared with me that for every movement of the body, there are at least two muscle groups involved in the action. One muscle group to move, say the hand, in a particular direction, and another muscle group to move the hand back to the original position.

If we were to over-train a particular muscle group, the chance of injuring ourselves increases, resulting in overstraining the weaker muscle group. We have to achieve balance in the two muscle groups to improve ourselves.

Bearing this in mind, practicing Taiji routine now will be more interesting. We have to figure out which is the opposite muscle group for every action. It is only when we are aware of the muscle group that we can start paying attention to its movement. Whenever we feel a particular part of our body tensing up, instead of simply telling ourselves to relax, we are now aware that perhaps the problem lies with the opposite muscle group.

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