Mine Is Better Than Yours

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Have you ever come across a situation where some fellow practitioners are comparing their teachers against other teachers?

I have seen many in the forums. There was this contributor who was comparing his Taiji grandmaster against other famous grandmasters, to the point where it becomes almost rude.

I was wondering how that would help in his pursuit of the Taiji arts. Would the fact that his grandmaster, whom I am sure was an accomplished one, beat the other Taiji grandmaster, of whom I know was an accomplished practitioner, make this person a better Taiji practitioner?

The fact that Grandmaster A has beaten Grandmaster B does not necessarily translate into the student of Grandmaster A would definitely beat the student of Grandmaster B.

I guess this is a classic case of “My dad is bigger than yours”.

Like me teacher used to say,

“If Taiji is important to you, then shut up and start practicing”.

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