Learning from “failure”

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“Failure is the mother of all successes”.

“Invest in failures”.

I believe nobody can doubt this piece of old wisdom.

However do we actually embrace this notion? Do we treat each mistake we made as failure, or do we tell ourselves we are one step closer to success?

We will always remember the most painful lessons we have learnt; painful, because they were learnt through making mistakes. Do we also remember the lessons we learnt through success, skills we have learnt without much difficulties?

Education is not just about teaching and learning academic subjects. It is not just about teaching and learning correct grammar and algebra. It is also about teaching the virtues of perseverance, hard work, resilience; it is about building character.

Likewise, in the life-long journey on the Taiji path, we will make countless mistakes, meeting countless bottlenecks, and get thrown out many times during tuishou. However these experiences will only serve to strengthen our will. If we were defeated both externally (physical) and internally (mental), then we have really lost.

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