Knowing, Understanding and Becoming

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We all know the principles of Taiji. The more senior practitioners would understand the principles of Taiji. Only a handful would become Taiji grandmasters.

If we only know the principles, it is only an intellectual knowledge. We would not be able to make much use of this knowledge other than to “mental spar” with others, and hopefully win an intellectual argument.

Through practice, we would understand the principles. We can now “defeat” our opponents through physical sparring. But would this change our life for the better?

When these principles become part of our life, we no longer need to win a match to prove anything. The way we conduct our daily activities becomes our daily practice of the Taiji routine. Every step we take when we are walking, every page we turn when we read the newspapers, every sip of the morning coffee, it all embodies the wisdoms of our Taiji forefathers.

I am now the knowing stage. Which stage are you in right now?

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