Just a Normal Person

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My teacher reminded me time and again that despite him achieving a high standard in his Taiji practice, he is still only a normal person. There is no special power or gift that is bestowed upon him to make him a cut above the rest. And it is this understanding that allows him to continue enjoying his Taiji.

When he is pushing hands, he accepts the fact that he may not win all the time. With such a mental state and mindset, he is able to remain relaxed throughout the pushing hands session, as there is no undue stress and pressure on him to win all the time. And the irony is that it is exactly because he is relaxed mentally that he is able to win most of the time.

When our mind is able to relax, most likely we are then able to relax our physical bodies. And when we are able to relax our physical bodies, our mind tends to be able to relax. These two conditions feed and grow on each other.

By accepting the fact that we cannot win all the time, we give ourselves enough room to enjoy the moment, and we would emerge as winners most of the time.

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