Joining The Dots

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Our pasts influence our presents, and our presents affect our future. Most of us arrive at our present selfs taking different paths.

We could be learning Taiji from the same teacher, practicing the same routines, and yet even though our Taiji look similar, they are not exactly the same. We have different physiques, different cultural backgrounds, different value systems and different pasts. Depending on the paths we have earlier chosen, or the decisions we have earlier made, they have an impact on our Taiji. By joining the dots of the different decisions we have made so far in our lives, we could have an insight into how they affect our Taiji.

To take this point further, it would also mean that we can never be the same as our teachers. We could learn from their wisdoms and teachings, but we can never be “them”. We have to make our Taiji our own.

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