It is Never a Waste of Time

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A teacher once told me that he had practiced what his teacher taught him for twenty-five years before he began to realize what the teachings are about. Applying his newfound understanding, he is now in a different league from his peers.

This teacher was kind enough to share with me his learning. At the end of our training session, he gifted me a few words of wisdom. He told me that his twenty-five years’ of hard work was not a waste of time. If not for the kungfu that he accumulated over this long period of training, his newfound understanding would not have the foundations to apply from. Thus even though his newly attained knowledge and skills have made the earlier years’ training seemingly irrelevant to his current accomplishment, he is still thankful that he had the determination and perseverance to practice every day for the past twenty-five years.

It is never a waste of time to put in the time and effort to practice.

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