Intrinsic Lessons

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I once heard about a comment made by a school headmaster about education. He mentioned that education is not about teaching students mathematics, science, and other academic subjects. It is more than just algebra, calculus, physics and chemistry. Education is also about infusing the virtues of perseverance, determination, patience, hard work, honesty, etc, into the student’s value system.

When we practice Chinese calligraphy, we do not only learn how to write the characters properly, we also learn how to maintain our concentration level and to keep a peaceful mind. Moving a step further, it allows us to understand that through good practice, we can achieve perfection.

Do our kids have the chance to learn and appreciate what education is about? With the emphasis on accelerated learning, are we imparting wisdom to our next generation, or are we merely transferring knowledge?

When we make the journey down the Taiji path, do we even give ourselves a chance of a proper education? Do we practice the intrinsic lessons about hard work, patience, consistency, etc? Do we feel good about ourselves after each practice by reinforcing the values of determination, honesty, perseverance?

Or are we rushing through the process and miss out a huge chunk of the experience?

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