How You React is Your Karma

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A friend of mine posted on his Facebook the following phrase,

“How people treat you is their karma, how you react is yours.”

Putting aside any religious nuances, they are indeed some wise words, and they bring to mind an incident I have recently come to know about.

A couple of very senior Taiji practitioners were pushing hands, and somehow the pushing hands match turned into a more physical and competitive exchange. There were other practitioners around watching, and they had to step in to break up the two overly enthusiastic guys before these two come into blows with each other.

One of the two Taiji practitioners started complaining that his opponent was totally un-Taiji in his push hands (for using brute force). He further claimed that he had been tolerating his opponent’s unsporting behavior for a long time, and he had decided to publicly denounce this opponent.

This sets me thinking. If my opponent uses brute force against me while we are pushing hands, he is the one losing out for not using the push hands session to practice the Taiji principles. And if, in my response to his “un-Taiji” approach, I were to react by also using brute strength to counter my opponent, I would similarly be a loser whatever the outcome of that pushing hands session.

How we react to an event would determine the outcome. How we react is our karma.

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