How Big is Your World

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I remember sharing with a friend my beliefs in relativity. That was during my youthful days when I was still a teenager seeking for a direction to grow up in. I read some literature on Chinese philosophies, and I was charmed by the simplicity and elegance. It told me that everything is relative, and the meaning of any event must be made relative to the context, and not just in the event itself.

When I shared this with my friend, who happened to grow up in an environment where right and wrong is written in a book, he disagreed with me. He reminded me that the very statement “everything is relative” is in itself an “absolute”. Thus my new-found philosophy was flawed, right from the start.

At that time, I could not find an answer to that. It was a “circular reference”. Life went on after that, and the memory of this incident came to my mind every now and then. Deep inside I know the philosophy is right, yet somehow there is always this shadow of doubt seeded by my friend’s comment.

Many years have passed since. One day, when I was practicing my Taiji routine, the memory of that incident resurfaced. Somehow, through these years of thinking about it, I had another perspective to this incident. Both my friend and I could both be correct in our points of view! It depends of how big our worlds are. Like the frog sitting at the bottom of the well, looking at the sky through the opening of the well, and thinking that is how big the world is, then it is easy to go absolute. If the frog were to jump out of the well and venture into the world outside, it probably would change its mind about seeing things in absolute right and wrong.

Thus when we come across other Taiji practitioners from other schools, and we discover that they have a different approach to Taiji, let us keep an open mind and refrain from passing judgment on the differences. Remember, how we behave reflects on how big our worlds are.

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