He is not Aggressive, He is Fearful

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My teacher once shared with us on the topic of the psychology of pushing hands.

He said we often mistaken someone who pushes at the word “go”, regardless of whether he is in a good position or not, as someone who is aggressive. This could not be further from the truth. In fact, he is not an aggressive practitioner, but a fearful one.

It could be that he is uncomfortable with the close distance between himself and his opponent. It could be that he could not detect where his opponent’s attacks would be coming from. Whatever the reason, the practitioner is averse to the situation he is in, and he reacts by pushing his opponent (the common factor in all possible causes of his discomfort) away, if not in the first attempt, then possibly in however many pushes it would take.

If we are fearful when we are pushing hands, we would have already lost half the battle.

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