Happy and Happiness

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Ever ask yourself what makes you happy? What must happen before I feel happy, or at least I think I will be happy?

For some, having a million bucks in the bank will make them happy. Meanwhile, would they start feeling happy during the process of working towards the million-dollar mark? And would they only feel happy after they have the million dollars in the bank account?

What if I am more twisted, and hurting others makes me happy? I probably would think I am happy when I treat others like thrash, that I am happy when others are miserable because of my less than desirable ways.

We all have our “happy buttons”. Something must happen before we feel happy.

However does that mean we will have happiness when our happy buttons are pressed? Probably not.

Being happy does not necessarily mean we have happiness. I cannot imagine my happiness being built upon other people’s miseries. I do not think my happiness can be measured by the number of zeros in my bank account.

It is like the case of knowledge versus wisdom; we can have all the knowledge in the world but we may not be wise. Knowledge could have been outdated, but wisdom could possibly last forever.

Likewise, the state of feeling happy will subside sooner or later. For some, adding the final zero to reach the million-dollar bank account probably makes them happy at that instance. How ever long the happy state sustains probably depends on individuals.

The question I often ask myself: do I just want to learn the Taiji techniques, or do I want to understand the wisdom passed down by our Taiji masters, and incorporate them into my daily activities?

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