Foundation and Technique

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Recently I read of an article on the topic of foundation and technique. Foundation is like the cash in your bank account, and technique is like investment skills.

If you have loads of money in the bank, you can afford to outspend against your opponent, and for how long, well that depends on how much cash you have.

If you have good investment skills, then you can get the same result as above, but by spending less of the money. This way you are more efficient and less likely to go bankrupt.

When we are doing pushing hands, if we were to rely purely on our foundations, then there will come a time when our “reserves” would run low. This is the time when we most likely revert to brute strength to hope to overcome our opponents.

If we were to rely purely on technique, then we may find ourselves not being able to “hold out” for too long, as we cannot affect our opponents as well as we would like to.

In the ideal scenario of having both the foundation and technique, we would be able to be efficient and effective in our push hands.

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