Fine-Tuning Is More Difficult

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There is this saying “To learn something is easy, to tweak something is difficult”. This is especially true when we want to tweak a certain movement in our Taiji routine. Imagine having to change and overcome a bad habit that has been reinforced through years of practice. It must be a difficult task.

So how do we then overcome this challenging prospect of having to iron out a bad habit? I think it has to start from how we view this exercise. If we were to keep reminding ourselves that we are changing a bad habit, then we have to work doubly hard; we have to overcome the bad habit and then cultivate a new one.

However, if we were to treat it as learning a new skill or movement, then we would not have to burden ourselves with the stress of overcoming the bad habit. We are just learning something new. Once we master the new skill, we simply replace the old habit with the new one.

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