Finding the Trigger

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I was pushing hands with a senior Taiji practitioner during one of the pushing hands session. Throughout the whole practice, I was unable to find an opportunity to dislodge his balance. I ended up pushing “blindly” every now and then.

During the chat we had after the session, this senior practitioner did a quick review of the pushing hands, and he brought up some interesting pointers. One advice came across as really helpful. He asked me if I realized I was “blindly” pushing at times, and if I knew what the trigger was for such actions.

He went on to suggest that the behavior could be a result of bad habits, and bad habits are results of bad conditioning. We basically conditioned ourselves to respond badly to a triggering event. To effectively overcome the bad habit, we have to re-condition our response to this triggering event. Thus it is important to find out what the trigger is, and thereafter start a re-conditioning program.

We will need to take an honest look at our behavior and mental state before, during and after the pushing hands session, to find out what the trigger is. If we are not honest with ourselves, we could never be able to find out where the mistake is.

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