Find it and Lose it

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A friend of mine is a full-time meditation practitioner. She was sharing with me on some of the ideas which I find interesting. To be selfless, you must first find your self, and then let go of it. If you cannot find your self, then you are lost to start with.

My Taiji teacher’s teacher’s teacher (that makes him my great-grand teacher) also mentioned in one of his literature that to be supple, you must also find out what is “hard”. We have to experience the two opposite ends, and then strive to find a balance between the two. If we only focus on softness, we risk losing balance. Likewise, if we only focus on hardness, we will have a lop-sided Taiji experience.

My Taiji teacher’s teacher (now that makes him my grand teacher) shared with us his Taiji experience. He said he started with nothing, and then he found something, and finally it transcends to nothingness.

Putting all these into perspective, I look for the different sensations of the various parts of my body when I practice the Taiji routine. If I find that my shoulders are stiff and hard when I am doing a particular posture, I will give myself a pat on my back for being aware of the sensation. Then I will seek ways to soften and relax my shoulders. If I could not achieve relaxation during that practice, I will simply tell myself that I am half-way there; I have found it, and now I will only need to lose it!

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