Fast and Slow

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Last week we had a visiting practitioner from a neighboring country joining us for a pushing hands session. While he does not practice push hands normally, this visitor is no push-over due to his strong foundation in “qigong”. In fact, he was very much able to hold his own when he pitted against other more experienced opponents.

A fellow practitioner, after observing how this visitor pushed hands, remarked on the “mistakes” that the visitor made. While his remarks could be right, the point he totally missed was that the visitor had little experience in pushing hands, and yet his opponents were struggling to even uproot him. Furthermore, as I personally know this fellow practitioner, I was quite sure that if he were pitted against the visitor, the visitor would be able to handle him without breaking a sweat.

The above brought to mind an advice a teacher once gave me. He told me “to be fast in appreciating others’ strength, and be slow in criticizing their weaknesses”. If we keep focusing on others’ weaknesses, we would miss out the opportunity to learn from their strengths.

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