Detachment during Practice

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A simplistic description of meditation is spending time with oneself. During this time when I spend time with myself, I would be observing my mental and physical activities, and at the same time, withholding judgment. It is almost as if I am detached from my “self”, and observing my “self” as a third person.

Taiji has been described as moving meditation. Thus, do we also maintain a certain detachment when we are practicing our routine?

Personally, I find that by detaching myself and withholding judgment, I tend to enjoy my routine practice more. I begin to be able to relax more, both mentally and physically. I become more mindful of my body movement and my thoughts. I become more aware of my surrounding environment.

Detachment during practice does not mean I practice my Taiji routine absent-mindedly. In fact, throughout the whole practice, I would actually be observing every movement as if I am an audience watching a dance performance. It gives me a different perspective, allowing me to see a different picture.

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