Can You Teach Me The Method

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Very often we get many advice from the senior practitioners regarding our Taiji and push hands. These senior practitioners may quote many Taiji literature, but so often stop short of sharing with us the methods they adopt in their own practice to achieve the requirements of such Taiji principles.

I know of a fellow practitioner who is confused by all these advice. He told me that he finds some of the advices being contradictory. To this, I can only suggest that he “confront” such advisers, “challenging” them to share with him the practice methods that they had adopted to achieve the requirements they advocated.

It will be to his benefit if the advisers could share with him a viable method to practice. If the advisers are unwilling, or even unable, to share, then it would also be to his benefit, as they may refrain from giving unsolicited advice moving forward.

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