Asking Why and How

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Do you know that we ask ourselves thousands of questions every day? It could be a simple question like “what time is it?” to more profound question like “why am I doing this?”. We typically ask ourselves a question before performing an action. It is important that we ask ourselves the right question, because when we ask ourselves a powerful question, we set our mind to look for a powerful answer.

It is worth taking note that our mind tends to be unrestrained, thus it is important that we ask questions that are relevant and empowering to us. For example, if we were to ask ourselves “Why do I always lose in pushing hands?”, then we are setting ourselves to justify why we are “losers”. Similarly, if we were to ask ourselves “What can I do to win in push hands?”, we then find ourselves looking for empowering answers to improve on ourselves.

There are typically five areas of questioning, namely, Why, How, Who, When and What. To simplify the questioning process, I tend to focus on Why and How. Asking “why” would typically give us an emotional answer, while asking “how” normally gives us a logical one. By alternating between asking “why” and “how”, we would be able to understand the underlying principle, as well as to map out the next action to be taken to achieve what we want.

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